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Encinal Jr. Sr. High School | Home of the Jets







Anime Club Hill Bilguun Bayarkhau      Wednesday 12:30 2214   To connect with Anime fans and talk about Anime.
Art Club Hart Mia Fong  Monday 3:45 3315 Use student expression to make art and build community.
ASL Kenney Ruby Ruport Tuesday Lunch 5101 Learn American Sign Language
Baking Club Lyons Michelle Purevsureh Monday Lunch 5102 Baking and sharing recipe ideas.
Band Club Wagner Margaret Levitt TBD 7108 Get more students involved with band and share musical interests.
Black Student Union Jones-Mclean Jaslene Velnochaga Thursday Lunch 2213 Promoting awareness and appreciation of African American Culture. 
Card Club Lyons Zac Struthers W-Th-F Lunch 5102 A space for students to play and share card games. 
Ceramics Club Schoeffler Sadie Merry 1st Tuesday Lunch 6110 Study ceramics
Chinese Club Pabarcus Makayleh Chen Thursday After School 4102 A space for Chinese students to develop community.
Class of 2023 Kenney/Gorham Bilguun Bayarkhuu T-W-F Lunch 6110 ASB Senior Leadership
Class of 2024 Beering/Gorham Ivan Lopez Herrera T-W-F Lunch 6110 ASB Senior Leadership
Class of 2026 Quinn/Linville Izzy Xie T-W-F Lunch 6110 ASB Senior Leadership
Data Club Lacaba Allen Liao 1st & 3rd Mondays Lunch 4104 Educate students on the background of data.
DECA Lyons Erebecca Gleason Wednesday after school 5102 Encinal DECA Chapter
DIY Club Lacaba Mandy Li Tuesday Lunch 4104 Making crafts and teaching each other new ideas.
Drama Club Morris Amelia Ericson Thursday Lunch 9205 Enrich the performing arts community.
Chess Club Lee Jonah Abrami Wednesday Lunch 2111 Teach and share the game of chess.
E-Sports Fobian Jay Chau Wednesday after school 2215 A space for students interested in e-sports and videogaming.
Elite Dance Team Ortiz Macie Laguardia Friday Lunch 9105 Wednesday after school 4-7 Teaching dance.
Environmental Cooperative Pabarcus Sophia Tramel Friday Lunch 4102 Teaching sustainability and protecting the environment.
Nature Club Vondenbenken Leaide Wilson M-T after school 1106 Learning about the wonders of nature. 
Filipino Club Lacaba Venecio Camarillo Tuesday Lunch 4102 Sharing Filipino culture with others: food, clothing, language. 
Gardening Club Kenney Mateo Delgado Thursday Lunch 5101 Caring for the Encinal garden, enjoying nature, and beautifying our school. 
Go Club Krautler Nuah Yiu Tuesday Lunch 2104 To learn and further interest in the traditional game Go.


(Gender and Sexuality Association)

Calahane Emilia Arneson Tuesday Lunch 2102 To provide a safe space for LGBTQ+ students and those who support.
Heal Club Kerber Crystal Le Tuesday Lunch 2205 Teaching healthy eating and activity for a healthy lifestyle.
Interact Club Linville Austin Massey Thursday Lunch 2101 Helping student interact with other schools in the district and gaining community service. 
Investing Club Reynoso Waylon So TBD 5104 Teaching students how to invest and understand the stock market. 
Key Club Beering Sean Phu Wednesday Lunch 1102  Our members make the world a better place through service.
La Isla Villar/Rana Monique Lau Monday & Thursday Lunch 3101 Sharing and appreciating  all Latino and Hispanic Cultures.
Leadership Beering/Gorham Vinny Camarillo T-W-F 6110 ASB Leadership
Model United Nations Pabarcus Stella Madsen Monday Lunch 2212 Education members about international affairs, prep for conferences. 
Muslim Student Association Bramstedt Zainab Ali Thursday Lunch 2109 To educate and appreciate Muslim culture.
National Honor Society Kerber Angelica Tigas

Friday Lunch

Media Center

Promote an academically driven community through service, career discussion and planning. 
Orchestra Club Wagner Belen Langarcia-Barrios TBD 7108 Get More students involved in music. 
Photography Club Hart Mouna Bunul Tuesday 3:45 3115 Taking pictures, building community, self expression, and developing photography skills. 
Political and Proud Nielson Peyton Roloff

Monday 4:15

Media Center

Creating a place where students have a voice in the political community.
Poly Club Kerber Ilaisaane Taunaholo Thursday Lunch 2205 To celebrate Poly culture and promote community.
Red Cross Belden Kathy Le Wednesday Lunch Media Center A part of the larger Red Cross community and  providing community service.
Ski/Board Club Krautler Camilla Christensen Thursday Lunch 2104 Enjoy all things involving ski/boarding.
Taylor Swift Club Lane Astrid Tuesday Lunch 9201 A safe space to meet new people, enjoy art and music. 
Vietnamese Club Lee Patrick Pham  Friday Lunch 2111 Bring awareness to Vietnamese culture.