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Parent Resources

How to Support your child in being college ready

Be involved as a parent – ask questions, talk/meet with your child’s teachers & counselors – let them know that you are interested in your child going to college.  Set CLEAR, REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS.

Focus on challenging coursework, leadership, and community service.


Visit college campuses (Preview Days, vacation, Cal Day) & Attend College Info sessions (at EHS or in the Bay Area).

Talk to your kids about what THEY are looking for in a school – big or small, rural vs. urban setting?  Extracurricular “must haves?”  Greek life?  Major of study? 

Remember - this is about them not you!


Be realistic - CSUs are underappreciated and are a great option.

There are 23 CSU campuses throughout CA, often cheaper than UCs and have easier admission requirements.

Don’t limit your options based on the “reputations” of UCs or CSUs.


Transcripts matter – “C” or better in all A-G coursework!  Any grade below a “C” in an academic class is a PROBLEM, but if caught in advance, can be fixed  (Summer class, Cyber High, BYU online).

All college-bound students must take an SAT or ACT standardized test by December of their senior year (at the latest!)


The Community College Transfer Option – maturity (academic & social/emotional), Clean Slate, and save money.

Helpful Websites

California Colleges The California State University University of California College Scorecard Niche

The New York Times has a weekly column about college admissions. It is called The Choice and you may find it helpful to read!