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Encinal Jr. Sr. High School | Home of the Jets

Junior Timeline

  • Continue items on frosh/sophomore checklists

  • Make sure you are meeting the A-G requirements for UC/CSU admission

  • Research the differences between the University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), and community college

    • Community college: for a more direct path to a career, explore the many shorter licensing and certification programs in such fields as the trades, health care, etc

    • Begin to add colleges to Scoir under the “Following” category

  • If any colleges on your list require the SAT/ACT, register to take either test by the end of your junior year

    • Note that neither the UCs or CSUs consider the SAT/ACT for admission

  • Discuss financial aid for college with parent/guardian/family

    • With your parent/guardian/family complete the 5-10 minute FAFSA Federal Student Aid Estimator to get a sense of how much college will cost you

  • Summer after junior year 

    • Try an internship or get a job

    • Fill out the Brag Sheet for any letters of recommendation you may need

    • Narrow down your college list

    • Start writing drafts of college essays for the UCs or for the many private and out-of-state colleges that utilize the Common Application. 

    • Attend the August College Bootcamp at EHS if you are interested applying to a four-year college