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College Interview Tips

Interviewing is one of the final steps students will take toward college application success.  It's also one of the most daunting. Whereas the essay gives you the opportunity to write and revise endlessly, the interview is a one-time deal.  You've got to make it count.  Here are some tips that will help you stand out and shine in a college admissions interview.

Know Your School
Know Yourself
Arrive Early
Top 25 college admissions interview questions:

1. Why do you want to go to college?

2. Why do you want to come to NAME OF COLLEGE?  (Be sure to answer this question for each school at which you plan to interview.)

3. How do you make a difference in your high school community and how do you envision yourself making an impact at NAME OF COLLEGE? (Be sure to answer this question for each school at which you plan to interview).

4. What inspires you intellectually?

5. What was your most challenging course in high school?  Why?

6. Which authors, books, or articles have had a profound effect on you?

7. What would you change about your high school if you had the chance? What do you enjoy about your school?

8. How have you changed or grown through high school?

9. What things do you do well and find most satisfying? What are your strengths and talents?

10. Which weaknesses would you like to improve?

11. Are you satisfied with your accomplishments so far?

12. How do you respond to academic competition and pressure?

13. How would you describe your family? Your community?

14. What was the biggest obstacle you have faced so far in your life and how did you get through it?

15. What three adjectives would your best friend use to describe you? Why?

16. What do you plan to study in college? Why?

17. What do you like to do for fun?   

18. How do you spend your summers?

19. What do you hope to do with your college education after graduation?

20. If you could take a year off, how would you spend it?

21. How do you define success?

22. Tell a joke.

23. What makes you unique?

24. In this week’s news, which issue(s) have you been most concerned about?

25. Do you have any heroes or heroines? Who are they and why do you admire them?

More Interview prep

  • Research the college by checking out its website, brochure, and course catalog.
  • Choose appropriate clothes to wear for the interview.
  • Create a folder to take to the interview with appropriate information (resume, business card, and other pertinent information).